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Drums From A Small Planet

Push a button next to the letter for an answer you select for the questions. You can view an explanation of your choice immediately in the box. Your correct response total appears at the end of the quiz. Enjoy all of the music from our small world. Good luck.

Question 1
Who is the wisest person in a tribal village?
A. Griot
B. Aborigine
C. jongleur

Question 2
When were Caribbean Steel Drums developed?
A. 1940's
B. Mid 19th Century
C. 1960's

Question 3
Name the shaker instrument?
A. Afuche
B. Maracas
C. Chuchalho
D. All of the above

Question 4
What were the first drumsticks probably made from?
A. animal bone
B. rock
C. tree branch

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Drums From A Small Planet, World Quiz.

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