Drums From A Small Planet

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Drums From A Small Planet

These can be used for class discussions. Some answers may possibly be common or the same for different questions. Good luck and enjoy all of the music from our small planet.

  1. What is the most common material used to make instruments? Wood from a tree or log.
  2. What instrument do you play with your thumbs? A Sansa, or, Mbira. Also called, a Kalimba.
  3. What is the most common instrument in our world's cultures? The Drum

  4. Name the instrument that is made from a cactus? A Rainstick

  5. What are three natural materials put inside of shakers? Seeds, Pebbles, Sea shells
  6. Name three animal skins used for making drums? Goat, Cow, Pig, Antelope, Deer
  7. What instrument is from a mortar used for pounding grain? A Jembe, also written, Djembe
  8. What do people in coastal societies use for instruments? Large sea shells, or Conches
  9. How is a Dijeridu made? Termites eat and hollow out the inside of a Eucalyptus tree branch.
  10. What musical instrument can you find at the dinner table? Spoons

Kenne Thomas' Drums From A Small Planet, Planet Quiz.

go do Pa do go Ta

For an assesment you can send your answers by email. A graded sheet will be returned to the originating address. Teachers!! Answers for the questions are printed following each question in the background's color. Click and drag your mouse over the space after a question to highlight it and see its possible answers.

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