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Drums From A Small Planet

Here are the instructions on how to take the Global Quiz:

1. Click the red button next to the country or region you think is correct.
2. If you do not know an answer, do not guess, since wrong answers are penalized.
3. If you check a wrong answer, simply click the correct one to change it.
4. If you have checked an answer with a guess and wish to erase your answer, just click the lit red button.
5. When you are done, press the "Click When Finished Button" at the end of the quiz. Your score will immediately appear below it and all of the correct answers will be lit with a green button. Look at the "green lit" answers you didn't know to refer you to areas you still need to study.
6. Click the Reload/Refresh button on your browser to reset the Global Quiz.

Kenne Thomas' Drums From A Small Planet, Global Quiz.

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