Hi Bev.

This is just for you. (So why do YOU get such special treatment?). You have been a very big inspiration to me, whether you know it or not. And I know you are strapped for online time and bandwidth so here is the page with the rhythm piece dedicated to you for you to see. You can save it to disc if you want from here I believe. I know Yahoo doesn't allow some attachements to go through. I apologize.

Intial reports and reviews of this book are really good. I am flabbergasted! So I am shopping it to publishers and will let you know right away when I get a confirmation on publication. Click the small page image to enlarge it and read it. I believe the written style is something you are familiar with. It has worked very well with my students and at seminars. Even teachers can read it! Ha Ha Ha! Take care.


Drum Circles Group Rhythms Book Drum Circles Group Rhythms Book page 50 for Beverly Nadelman