Professional Drum Workshop

Repairs, Reheading, Tuning (Over 30 years of Repair Experience)

A drum must be in good condition to sound good and play well. Have your drum returned to top playing condition. A consultation, before a repair is done will inform you of what a suggested repair will need and the process whic h will be done.

The head is the most important thing on a drum next to the shell. Drums, with average sizes from 8 inches (20.3 cm.) to 16 inches (40.6 cm.) in head diameter, are carefully inspected for the type of repair needed. Your drum will be checked for shell cracks, rim splinters and roughness, metal ring's strength and soundness as well as rope stress, fraying and weakness.

New goat skin heads are carefully selected, inspected and checked for the best quality for your drum. Skins with hair or clean, dehaired heads are available for mounting. Rope, 4 mm. and 5 mm. diameter, nylon core, "Non-stretch" line will be measured (avg.: approx. 70 ft./21.3 m.), threaded for ring, "Lark's Head Knots" and vertical lacing if necessary. (Your old rope, and the torn, damaged head, will be returned to you)

Drum Repair Specifics:

Reheading drum sizes:
sm. (6 in./15.25 cm. to 8 in/20.3 cm.)
med. (9 .in./22.8 cm. to 11 in./28.0 cm.)
lrg. (12 in./30.4 cm. to 16 in./40.6 cm.)
Disassembling of drum for careful inspection (STANDARD)
New head replacement and mounting (STANDARD)
African or Pakistani Goat Skins (as available from supplier):
- Full growth haired heads (Shaving, sanding and trimming done) (STANDARD)
- De-haired cleaned heads (Trimming done) (STANDARD)
Bearing edge sanding and reworking (STANDARD)
Shell cracks filled (After inspection and consultation)
Rope inspection for wear, stress and fraying (STANDARD)
Wood treatment with Linseed Oil (Flaxseed) (If requested)
Rings inspected and adjusted (Ring replacement available on consultation)
Rope tuning (Verticals) / Fine tuning (Diamonds) (STANDARD)
(New 4 mm. - 5 mm. nylon "Non-Stretch" rope available on consultation)
Return time is approximately 5 - 7 days.
$60.00 to $100.00 average full cost for a rope tuned natural head drum
Lug tuned drums head replacement and tuning also available
Contact for exact estimates and time schedule

Anatomy of A Drum repair

step one in the reheading process-visual examination for estimate.step two in the reheading process-head removal and  rim inspection for work needed.step three in the reheading process-rope inspection for fraying, stress and wear.step four in the reheading process-reheading the drum.
Door-to-Door Shipping Services:


Ship to: Ken Thomas
2562 Western Ave. N.
Roseville, Minnesota 55113-3634

For repair estimate and information email,
or telephone: Tel/Fax: 651.494.9309