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Drums From A Small Planet

Welcome to the African music quiz page. This quiz is SmartBoard ready for scholastic use! Press a button next to the letter for answer. You can check your choice right away in the box. Your total can be seen at the bottom of the quiz. Good luck and enjoy le musique du Afrique.

Question 1
What makes the sound from a Sansa?
A. Nails
B. Strings
C. Skin head

Question 2
What instrument is fashioned to resemble women's earrings?
A. Ksink ksink
B. Sesheshet
C. Wasammba

Question 3
How do you play a Balafon?
A. On a stand
B. Around the neck
C. Kneeling on the floor
D. All of the above

Question 4
Which of these is a popular drum for dance in the Mahgreb?
A. Daf
B. Quarqaba
C. Sagat

Question 5
Which one of these is rhythmically struck?
A. Baobab
B. Krin
C. Trough
D, All of them

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Drums From A Small Planet, le musique du Afrique.

African musique and rhythms

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