Ordained Minister
The Order of Melchizedek

My Cindered Heart Rising by Diane Lovell Diane Lovell has written and has presented speeches on a variety of subjects. She has written and facilitated a program that promotes the healing process in others.
Her education as a non-traditional student and her own healing path led her to discovering gifts which she has developed and used to help others become the best they can be.

She authored “My Cindered Heart Rises” a book sharing her own life experiences to bring hope to others who have experienced struggles difficult to overcome including sexual assault and domestic abuse.
The ability to share her story in a manner that promotes healing in the lives of others has led her to the creation of programs that can be presented to others that need help and hope in their struggles
from being victims to a victorious life, from having sadness to peace and joy.


Diane Lovell has a story to tell of a “miracle at midlife.” Diane tells of decades in her life experience of bearing fear,
false guilt, shame and anger stemming from a wrongdoing perpetrated on her in youthful innocence. She clearly speaks
of what life was, what happened, and how she continues to rise in freedom and joy in her life now. It is a story of spiritual
healing and renewal, and the discovery of a special God given gift that she has of channeling these gifts through her life.

I am excited to speak with her of the goodness and mercy she has found, and the encouragement she provides in the telling
of her story that such is available for any who might trust and believe as well. Perhaps her words will direct you to an
experience of deliverance and peace as well.

Thomas Reaume
• Osceola Medical Center • Chaplain • Spirtual Life

Thank you for your bravery and sharing your life with me. Well done.
Cathy Seigal
• Sexual Offense Services •

Diane Lovell
ph. 651.354.2342
Oakdale, Minnesota


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